dROOT Dental

One of a kind and the most fun dental charting solution

dROOT is an administrative software offering management solutions for private offices, clinics or even universities.

How efcient is it? With our online dental software one can build a proper and complex database of patients and activities which is accessable online anytime and anywhere. Having this "online comfort", clients can save time and money by eliminating the need for an expensive IT infrastructure, including servers, managing databases and IT support


Web based technologies have already taken key positions in almost every segment of commercial industries, banking, etc, some of many reasons being the easier and faster data transfers through secured networks, constant development of applications, high quality and efciency of the provided services and also having the above mentiond "online comfort". Web based systems allow a simpler and more comfortable life for clients/users. These solutions put the control in their hands thus lessening the need for constant IT support of "specialists". For different reasons, some unclear, the dental software industry was put aside in these matters, leaving little room for alternatives.


The powerful and visual stimulation tool of 3D graphics has been absent from every dental ofce until now. Our 3D surface offers 3 important properties which make the administration of dental ofces not just enjoyable but adds that plus which only a few have: Flexibility, efciency and innovation. In the past every graphic implementation for displaying teeth needed lots of imagination and more steps to represent a real situation. dROOT chose a totally different approach. It offers a real 3D workarea, bringing the advancements of technology to medical personnel, giving a detailed representation full of life in a very simple way


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