Managing a salon has never been simpler

Managing a salon has never been simplerBoost customer satisfaction and save valuable time


The activities in dentistry are conceived and organized around the values of caring forthus the work area for scheduling deserves a special attention. When managers look for solutions regarding scheduling they search for the following characteristics:

Easy to understand: A clean and logical work area makes organizing scheduling much more simple. We offer a clear and pleasant visual surface easy to learn.

Easy to use: This likable surface is also easy to handle. Using paper notes or books for scheduling can be a mess, nding important data even more challenging. We focuse on nding information fast, so one can save precious time which is harder and harder to manage these days. You can be amazed how simple the scheduling surface is, its usage is almost intuitive.

Efcient tools: Along with simplicity and time saving efciency come the powerful tools which help you manage your calendar as a boss.


From a business perspective for saloon there are three key tasks to be highlighted by the manager in order for the business to be protable. One is related to the nancial part (expenses, revenue, billing, debts etc.) while the other two are linked to scheduling, ReCalls and management. The nancial part is important for every manager not only for it is conditioned by legal authority but also respects the viability of a business as a dental office


Modernise your business and take advantage of all the benets of cloud technology with our mobile app. Our suite of fully integrated mobile apps are capable of doing everything you'd expect from standard desktop software ― and more.


  • Create appointments on your calendar
  • Consult with your patient
  • Communicate with patients via secure push massages
  • Create tasks for treatments

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